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Cash for Junk Cars in Bethlehem, PA

We'll Give you Cash for Your Old Junker

We Do Not Sell Parts

Get Cash for Your Junk Car Around Bethlehem

At Azar’s Towing Company we have a reputation for offering the best deals, on the spot and in cash, for junk cars in Bethlehem and beyond. So if you’ve got one or more junkers taking up space in your property, give us a call!

We’ll give you a thorough run-down of the scrapping process and come as soon as we can. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting equipment or finding a local junkyard, we take care of the hassle and give you a great rate. 

Nothing beats turning trash to treasure.

Local Tow Offering Free Junk Car Removal

That’s right, we remove your junkers for free, and pay you cash right there. When you call us to junk your car, we come and go as soon as possible. We have a fleet of trucks and extra flat-bed trailers, so we can haul multiple vehicles at once.

Just let us know the years, makes/models of the car, and the current location of the vehicles. Then, we just need either a title or PA registration for each vehicle. We don’t even need the keys.

Rear view of a yellow flatbed tow truck hauling a white luxury car at a Rangerover dealership

Let’s Junk That Car, Bethlehem!

Our personnel have a respect for cars and other car people. They will offer a fair, informed appraisal, and will always understand the value of your time. So let’s turn that rust into reward by freeing up space and getting cash into your pocket. 

 Just reach out and set up a time with one of our certified personnel, from your yard to the junkyard, they’ll take care of the rest.


Sam came out quickly this morning to tow my car for junking. I was paid a fair price for the condition of my car, and he was very respectful and friendly. I’ve dealt with Azar twice now and both times were quick and easy. – Heather Shaner

Car and Vehicle Transport

You may have some extra space and cash after clearing out all that junk. If you are in the market for new cars or equipment, remember that we offer excellent car and vehicle transport services across a broad area. Our flatbeds are secure, well-maintained, and ready to haul wherever you need. 


From towing and roadside assistance to off-road recovery we strive to provide honest and reliable service during every job and will safely transport your car, truck or motorcycle to your preferred repair facility. Azar Towing is ready to assist you!